24 Hours in Nashville

Coming April 1, 2017

From the desk of KC Potter

Dean of Students, Godfather of 24

The Godfather of "24"

Your group from the eighties was different from the start. You weren’t really Baby Boomers and you weren’t really Gen X. Your older brothers and sisters were Boomers and Hippies. It was all about the Me generation and protest. I'll call you LATE BOOMERS. You didn’t hate your parents, the establishment, or your country. Maybe you did some drugs (It was the Go-Go Eighties after all) but not as much your older siblings. Y’all just kept moving forward. Disco, Rock, New Wave, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton. I liked your decade. I enjoyed a cocktail or two with all of you. 

Okay, so some of you saw the Commodores lose to Alabama 66-3 in ’79. 33 Straight SEC losses until ’81. 1982 was the season. You saw the ‘Dores beat Florida and Tennessee  (Intentional Grounding late in the 4th quarter was the only thing that stopped a win over 'Bama). The Hoops team had Jeff Turner, Will PerDunk and Willie “Hutch” Jones. The baseball team had Joey Cora, GA, and Shiv… The "boxing" team had Van Wad and Steve “The Towel” Rothschild.

The Talking Heads, Bob Marley, the Clash, NRBQ and others played at Vandy. Kegs in Memorial Gym. The White Animals made the rounds of the Frat houses, but so did the Jimmy Church Band and Review (Tinkie on backup vocals). The Classes of ’80-82 actually saw Little Feat with Craig Fuller opening for them on October 26, 1978. Three guys from those bands will be at Acme on April 1st.

Your group is not getting any younger, but you’re not old.

Don't forget that “24" started as a celebration for one of your classmates who is no longer with us. Songwriter James McMurtry sings, “It's a damn short movie, how'd we ever get here?”. Or as the Crash Test Dummies would say, "Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline, someday I’ll wear pajamas in the daytime.”

Spring is the Button in Ft. Lauderdale, the Mucky Duck on Sanibel, the Formal in Destin and even "Ober" Gatlinburg. Spring 2017 is at Acme on Lower Broadway. Come to Tennessee. It’s only one night. 

It’s Good People and Good Music. Bring All Your Friends. Bring Your Kids. Anchor Down for 24 Hours.

Don’t blink, life goes faster than you think.

Your friend,

KC (R!)