24 Hours in Nashville

Coming April 1, 2017


Featured Musicians: members of Little Feat Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett with Craig Fuller, founding member of Pure Prairie League and former front of Little Feat - plus performances by The New Orleans Suspects

who's coming?

David and Leslie (Williams) Moore | Stephen and Jodi (Lower) Mahon | Liz (Cunningham) Lazarus +3 | Grace (Terry) Borgeson +1 | Tom and Leslie Kellogg | Gary and Eleanor Parkes | Jim and Meredith Holbrook | Adam and Martha (Goodman) Greene | Joe Burroughs | Brian Armstrong | Marcia Williams | Bentley and Catherine Long | John and Nancy (Scnulz) Olgesby | Mark Mays | Susan (Franklin) Veillette | Rob and Mary Womsley